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Love is Letting Go of Fear
    Love is Letting Go of Fear
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      Love is Letting Go of Fear

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    by Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.

    Third Edition - With a foreword by Carlos Santana

    After nearly forty years, Love Is Letting Go of Fear is still one of the most widely read and best-loved books on personal transformation and has become a classic all over the world. This helpful and hopeful little guide is comprised of twelve carefully crafted lessons that are designed to help us let go of the past and stay focused on the present as we step confidently toward the future. Renowned founder and teacher of Attitudinal Healing, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky reminds us that the only impediments to the life we yearn for are the limitations imposed on us by our own minds. Revealing our true selves, the essence of which is love, is a matter of releasing those limited and limiting thoughts.

    Love is Letting Go of Fear has guided millions of readers toward self-healing with this deeply powerful yet profoundly simple message. Embrace it with an open mind and an open heart and let it guide you to a life in which fear, doubt, and negativity are replaced with optimism, joy, and love.

    Paperback - 131 pages

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